Why it is vital to clean

Electrical device

An unavoidable fact about our modern world is that electronics surround us. Regardless if it’s in the form of personal computers, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, electrical appliances, tools, machinery, toys, etc, Electronics are everywhere.


Another unavoidable fact is that, with use, electronics get very dirty. Dirt and other contaminants are more than an inconvenience. If not cleaned properly, dirt on electronic components can cause the device malfunction.


In order to protect the electrical equipment and keep these running smoothly, it’s very important for electronics of all types to not just be regularly cleaned, but cleaned thoroughly.
Let us take care of all of these in your home!

Brilliant benefits of

Household appliance repairing service



It is just 30s process to book and find a appropriate maid on AGV app



The cleaning jobs are performed based on the customer's request, which means the customer’s demands surely are fulfilled.



Customers receive a detailed and accurate quote shown on the application. There is no extra fee.



We have a commitment to keep your home safe. Every property in your home is ensured not to steal while cleaning.

We offer affordable price

for furniture and upholstery cleaning service

< 400L
400,000 vnd
400L - 500L
550,000 vnd
500L - 600L
750,000 vnd
> 600L
850,000 vnd
Washing machine
Top-loading washing machine
400,000 vnd
Front-loading washing machine
Able to disassembled
800,000 vnd
Unable to disassembled
450,000 vnd
Air conditioner
200,000 vnd
500,000 vnd
Plant conditioning
350,000 vnd

Phí đặt gấp

+10,000 vnd

The service fee will be higher during peak time and on weekends.
The price is only for reference at the current time. The fee can be automatically changed depending on the location, peak time and holidays.
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